About Highly

About Highly

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Highly listed A and B shares on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1992 and 1993, respectively. It is a global leader in R & D and manufacturing of core components for white goods and newenergy vehicles as well as heating and cooling products. Highly has two business units: heating and cooling solutions and the core components, automotive parts. With 14,000 employees,more than 20 R&D centers and nearly 40 manufacturing bases in 12 countries and regionsincluding China, Japan, the United States, Thailand, Malaysia, India, South Korea, Germany,the United Kingdom , Spain, Indonesia, the company provides premium service to 200 million users in 165 countries and regions.

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Started With Refrigeration

Highly’s history can be traced back to the Shanghai Wooden Box Factory in 1954. It finally expanded into the refrigeration industry and went public after operating in several other industries.
Started With Refrigeration

Industry Leader

Highly established a joint venture with an overseas partner. It has evolved into an industry leader by introducing advanced technologies, innovating in the forefront of the industry and constantly striving for new heights.
Industry Leader

Diversification & Internationalization

Diversification and internationalization drove the operating income to soar record high.
Diversification & Internationalization

Transformation Breakthrough

Launched the transformation breakthrough strategy and vigorously grew the auto parts business to make it the second business unit of Highly.
Transformation Breakthrough

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